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Are You From Pittsburgh? Lights, bridges, action: three words that represent the make-up of the second largest city in Pennsylvania. The glorious city of Pittsburgh is known for the most bridges in the world with nearly 2,000 to count, with Venice, Italy holding down second place. For someone who isn’t from Pittsburgh, one has probably heard the city declared as “The Steel City.” By 1911 Pittsburgh was producing nearly a third and a half of the nations steel. However, the steel companies aren’t the only steel talked about amongst the people of Pittsburgh. The Phantom’s Revenge, a rollercoaster that was strategically placed on the hillcrest of West Mifflin is the second most talked about steel in the city. The coaster is held in the…show more content…
Eventually the Street Railway Company wanted to dismiss the amusement park business and reassigned it to A.S. McSwigan and Frederick W. Henninger. Between the years 1900 and 1930 the park went through many changes adding coasters and building a large swimming pool. In the present day Kennywood the large swimming pool does not exist anymore, but reminders of the old structure still remain throughout the park. Simultaneously, two major building still exist in today’s Kennywood, such as the carousel pavilion and a restaurant. Kennywood made history in 1987 when it became a designated national historic landmark. As mentioned earlier, the Phantom’s Revenge is one of Kennywood’s most popular rides, but it originally was the called the Steel Phantom. When it was built in 1991 it had the longest drop and the fastest speed of 80+. There wasn’t much space to build a large rollercoaster within the park, so the coaster was literally built over and under another coaster, with a large drop going over a cliff. Since 1898 this park has done an exceptional job of balancing the old and the new to keep the pleasant traditional feel. According to, Kennywood is “America’s Favorite Traditional Amusement Park since…show more content…
This particularly small park looks, feels, and smells like an old-time amusement park should. I personally have only been enjoying the park for 19 years, but there isn’t a summer that goes by without attending Kennywood at least once. The affordable prices cannot be beat for a memorable family outing. To save money, Giant Eagle offers admission tickets for about twelve dollars cheaper than gate price. Unlike most amusement parks, this one offers free parking within a reasonable walking distance. If one is more on the adventures side, one can park at the very top and ride a ski lift down to the park entrance (saves from any walking and a bonus free ride.) The park welcomes guests with numerous yellow arrows that can be spotted throughout the Pittsburgh area. When inside, the park offers a great mixture of timeless classics and modern thrills. People from all ages love the hopping, friendly Kangaroo mascot named Kenny. The 31 major attractions are all delightful, but one of the most appealing aspects of the park is the efficient and responsive staff. Due to the size of the park, lines can sometimes get seemingly long, but the staff does an efficient job of keeping the lines moving. The food and refreshments can be a bit pricey when paying $5.00 for a fountain drink and $8.00 for a basket of three chicken fingers. If you’re a true Pittsburgher however, you can’t put a price on

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