Dale Chihuly

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Chihuly: Jerusalem project American Glass artist Dale Chihuly has been featured all over the world from the Louvre in Paris to the San Jose Museum of art right here in the Bay Area, but his most notable exhibition was his show called “In The Light of Jerusalem” at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem. The exhibition would take place in the year 2000 and was a tribute "to 4000 years of glass making here in the Holy Land- and more important- a tribute to a unique site in a unique city in a unique country and at the unique time.” Chihuly knew that the Citadel was already a heavily populated area that Jews, Muslims, Christians, and tourists visited every single day so he had to make sure to impact their visit in a way that would stay with…show more content…
Blue Tower is probably one of Chihuly’s greatest accomplishments. It is the tallest piece he has ever created and probably the tallest glass piece in the world. It stands forty-seven feet high and is 6 feet in diameter. It uses two-thousand pieces of glass it descends twenty feet into the archeological substructure of the Citadel. The tower starts off as a deep cobalt blue at the top and fades to a lighter blue which hints at the sky color changing throughout the day. Some viewers have speculated that the number of glass used in the piece represents the year that it was made. The White Tower is more opaque than the rest of Chihuly’s work. It is fifteen feet tall and six feet in diameter. The pieces of glass used to make the tower were made in the Czech Republic. Chihuly placed this piece I the center of the entire exhibition below an arch. While unpacking the pieces before assembling the piece, people seemed to be unsure about how it would look because of the opacity of it. Despite what people thought, Dale knew he wanted it to go where he had planned. He does not typically have deep conceptual meanings but rather he goes off of his own instinct and focuses on what works with the site and what he feelings is
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