The Outsider by Albert Camus

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The Outsider The Outsider, first published in French as L’etranger in 1942, has become a very significant book at its time. The author named Albert Camus was first recognized for this work. Born on November 7, 1913, in French colonial Algeria, Camus was immensely influenced by the issues of his time. While in wartime in Paris, Camus developed his philosophy of the absurd which is now referred to as absurdism. A major component of this philosophy was Camus’ assertion that life has no rational or redeeming meaning. Through the turmoil and horrid experiences of World War II, many other intellectuals ended up to having similar conclusions. Faced with the horrors of Hitler’s Nazi regime and the unprecedented slaughter of the War, many could no longer accept that human existence had any purpose. Existence seemed simply, to use Camus’ term, absurd. Camus’s first novel is both a brilliantly crafted story and an illustration of his absurdist world view. The novel tells the story of an emotionally and psychologically detached, amoral young man named Meursault. The story starts with “Mother died today.” With him receiving a telegram from his mother’s home informing him of his mother’s death. This first blunt statement gives a somewhat overall view of Mersault’s nature. He acted like it was just another ordinary day with no particular significance. He did not cry at the funeral or shown any sign of grief at all. He heads home the same day of the funeral and even went to movies and to the beach. His co-worker, Marie Cardona, comes over and confessed to him. She asked him to marry her and he agreed nonchalantly and with no greater concern. They then head off to the beach owned by his neighbour’s friend. While there, Mersault ended up shooting the Arab brother of his neighbour’s mistress for no apparent reason or motive. He is then taken to court and have been disgusted upon by
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