‘the Outbreak of the War in Europe in 1914 Was Due to an Aggressive German Foreign Policy Which Had Been Waged Since C.1900’

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From the early years Germany has been a militaristic country with a ruler who had ambitions of expansion. So without a doubt it’s evident that the policies they had played a part in the war. The ‘Blank Cheque’ is seen to as an aggressive symbol over economics and the Kaiser’s claim that war was inevitable seem to suggest the militaristic attitude at the heart of the government and the key members in charge. It is clear that an aggressive foreign policy was a reason for the breakout of the war in 1914. Germany deciding to aid Austria- Hungry in its conflict with Serbia suggests that Germany have precipitated war. In 1909, Bethmann-Hollweg was forced in supporting Austria in its dispute with Bosnia despite never having been asked before Austrian Annexation tool place, mainly due to a treaty pledging support. Considering this it could be argues that German support for Austria-Hungry was similar following the Sarajevo murder. It is possible that Bethmann-Hollweg could never have known at the time of the colossal consequences his Blank Cheque was to have. Source W suggests that Bethmann was a ‘sensitive, passive and Fatalistic man’ these claims further support the idea that Germany was dragged in to these political time bombs because of some in capabilities. Source W is clearly seen to be Intentionalist source where it’s referring Bethmann-Holwegg and his weaknesses. It’s evident that Germany was sort of dragged into these conflicts because of their commitments. The foreign policy they were following certainly did not help when it came to conflicts. Source W also tells us ‘German actions going back to the 1890s had done so much to create international tension’ further blaming German foreign policy for being the cause of the war. Without doubt foreign aims in Germany were mainly focused on annexation policies of Weltpolitik and Flottenpolitik and they seem to indicate
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