The Most Dangerous Game

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"Who cares how the jaguar feels." This quote was said by Rainsford when he was talking to Whittney in the beginning of "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell. This quote seems minor but it really helps set up the entire story. This is because Rainsford goes through a transition from always being a hunter, to having to be hunted himself, which makes him the equal to a jaguar. This evaluation is one of many contrasts and comparisons between Rainsford and General Zaroff which I'll be talking about later. This story has many twists in it that really require you to think. Even though Rainsford and Zaroff seem to be completely different, they still have some things that are alike. For one thing, at points of the story, they both become the hunters and the huntees. In the beginning, they are both hunters, Rainsford hunting animals and Zaroff hunting humans. Then, in the middle, Zaroff stays a hunter, but Rainsford becomes the huntee, or the hunted because Zaroff decides to hunt Rainsford since he has hunting experience and his game of hunting humans will be more exciting. Finally, at the end, it switches and Rainsford becomes the hunter once again and Zaroff becomes the huntee since Rainsford sneaks into Zaroff's room in his house and kills him, so he can win the game and end it once and for all. Also, during the actual "game", you find out that they both are very knowledgeable about hunting, so much that they both know foreign hunting tricks. Rainsford makes a couple of the foreign hunting tricks just to find out that Zaroff easily identifies them. Some comparisons that take a little bit more thought to realize are that they both have big egos. Zaroff is sure that he will win the game that he decides to let Rainsford escape death on the first night. You know that he had found Rainsford by the way he stopped walking and smiled creepily. You have to be
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