The Most Dangerous Game

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In the world we live in today , it is broken up into different wealth and social classes. In Richard Connell’s “The Most dangerous Game , “ he uses Ivan, Rainsford, and General Zaroff to represent the state of class the narrative . In “The Most Dangerous Game . “ Rainsford is thrown off a boat and lands on Ship - Trap Island , he then goes to a house knocks and a Cossack hunter answers the door. From this point on Rainsford is not a huntee . Richard Connell uses Rainsford and General Zaroff to exhibit a switch in huntee , hunter role . In “ The Most Dangerous Game , “when Whitney said “ The world is made up of two classes the hunters and the huntees. Luckily you and I are the hunters ,” it showed that Rainsford and Whitney are middle / high class and much more powerful than the animals hunted , huntees. This quote also shows that there will be a point in the story where Rainsford experiences being an “animal . “ When Richard Connell says “ You’ll find this game worth playing ,your brain against mine . Your woodcraft against mine. Your strength and stamina against mine . Outdoor chess, “it implies that the hunter , huntee roles have changed . Rainsford is now the animal that can reason as general Zaroff wanted . “ I wanted the ideal animal to hunt … It must have courage, cunning and above all it must be able to reason.” Now this being said , General Zaroff has turned into the hunter who will be hunting the huntee , Rainsford. As Rainsford goes throughout the jungle trying to save his life he must use natural resources to protect his self and survive. Such as the trees in the May lay man catcher, and the quicksand and sticks in the Burmese Tiger Pit. Rainsford using these techniques explains that in the situation he is in no wealth and or money can get him out of it in the wild. This shows the poverty , Rainsford went from a middle class hunter to a poor “

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