The Missing Piece To The Gang-Violence Debate Analysis

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Critical Analysis on “The Missing Piece to the Gang-Violence Debate.” Dan Gardner’s publish, “The Missing Piece to the Gang-Violence Debate”, is strongly controversial in his position against increasing enforcement of drug laws, and boosting penalties for violators. He believes that you should actually limit enforcement and hardship of sentencing when it comes to drugs. Was his argument persuasive enough in the essay to actually influence his wishes into society? Personally, I don’t think so. Gardner’s ideas are too drastic and I believe he didn’t have enough support in his argument that his plans would actually decrease the murders in gang violence. To say that his thoughts on drugs are the missing piece to gang-violence; I agree with him one-hundred percent. Yet, to pinpoint on drugs as the only reason viciousness and violence happens in gangs, is almost too good to be true. Dan may as well fly off to Never-Never land, because those dreams aren’t ever coming true. First off, I would like to thank Gardner for his enlightening point of view, of how gang violence is heavily influenced by the whole drug trade and the black market that associates itself with it. It actually makes sense that drugs are a major influence in gangs, in which I personally never strained my brain to think about. Yet, I don’t quite commend his view that increasing law enforcement actually increases…show more content…
He does not present enough proof to believe that less enforcement will in fact lower violence in gangs. Gangs are a complex and fairly intelligent corporation that will try and stop at nothing to get what they want with any means possible. Drugs do have a major role in gang violence, like Gardner says, but stopping the drug trade in my eyes won’t in fact end their

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