The Masque Of The Red Death Essay

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1. The Red Death: Fictional a. The makers of the film never specified what virus Thrax was. But, when Osmosis calls the information desk for the translation of "muerte rojo," mentioned by the sole survivor of the crashed saliva boat that caused the destruction, he was told that it was Spanish for "red death." This could very well be a reference to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death" as well as saying that the fictional disease from the story is the same as Thrax. As in Poe's story, Thrax is a dangerous and fatal disease, but did not cause the same symptoms as The Red Death. 2. Hypothalamus: Fact b. The hypothalamus is a portion of the brain that contains a number of small nuclei with a variety of functions. The…show more content…
Colonic (Tom Colonic): Fact c. Colonic is short for 'colonic irrigation' and is basically a flushing of the lower bowel by introducing water. This matches up with the video because he was running for mayor on a campaign of cleaning up the rot and stagnation in the bowels and wanted to add fiber to Frank’s diet. 4. Placebo: Fact d. A placebo is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipient. Sometimes patients given a placebo treatment will have a perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition, a phenomenon commonly called the placebo effect. This matches up with the video because Mayor Phlegmming called Drix a Placebo and a sugar pill, saying that he was only temporary and couldn’t actually do anything. 5. Estrogen (Leah Estrogen): Fact e. Estrogens are a group of compounds named for their importance in the estrous cycle of humans and other animals. They are the primary female sex hormones. Natural estrogens are steroid hormones, while some synthetic ones are non-steroidal. This matches the video because she was the main female character.

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