Psy 340 Week 2 Worksheet

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Brain Structures and Functions Worksheet PSY/340 Version 3 1 University of Phoenix Material Brain Structures and Functions Worksheet Provide a brief description for each of the following functions: 1. Basal ganglia Located on the outside of the Thalamus. Process sensory information. 2. Corpus collosum Located under the cingulate gyrus. Assist in language learning. 3. Temporal lobe Located on each side of the head above the temples, and manages hearing and speech. 4. Occipital lobe Located in the back of the head, and manages vision. 5. Frontal lobe Located in the front of the head. Manages voluntary movement, thinking, and feeling. 6. Cerebrum The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain. Perception, thought, imagination, judgement, and decision are in this part of the brain. 7. Spinal cord The mid dorsal line of the body. This has spinal nerves that leave the cord. Provide means of communication between the brain and spinal nerves. Also provides reflex actions. 8. Cerebellum Bundle of nerves that control language learning. 9. Medulla Located at the top of the spinal cord. Controls breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. 10. Pons Above the medulla, and controls sensory information. It also controls facial exspretions. 11. Hippocampus Located within the temporal lobe. Controls learning, and memory. 12. Amygdala Located in front of the Hippopotamus. Responsible for anxiety, emotion, and fear. 13. Pituitary gland Located beneath the Thalamus. Holds biological, drives, hormonal levels, sexual behavior. 14. Hypothalamus Located below the Thalamus, Assist in creating hunger, thirst, and body temp. 15. Thalamus In the middle of the limbic system. Relays incoming information, but does not relay smell. Brain Structures and Functions Worksheet PSY/340 Version 3 On the following
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