The Lottery Character Analysis

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The Day Tessie Hutchinson’s Luck Ran Out They say some people have all the luck. In Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”, Tessie Hutchinson’s luck ran out on June 27th. She chose the marked paper out of the wooden box, which in this short story meant that she would be the one getting stoned. It was a warm, sunny summer day. Everyone from the village, about 300 people, were gathered around the square for the lottery drawing. The drawing had been held there for many, many years. Everyone except Tessie. She soon arrived, rushing and out of breath. Tessie seems like she is a good housewife, but in the generation that this story is set in, she seems to be pretty outspoken and even a bit of a hypocrite. Tessie Hutchinson seems to be a good housewife. As mentioned before, Tessie was almost late for the lottery drawing, due to washing dishes. When the comment “thought we were going to have to get on without you” was made from Mr. Summers, the lottery official, Tessie responded with “Wouldn’t have me leave them dishes in the sink, now, would you Joe?”(142). This says to me that she was a good housewife and took care of her home. She was a mother of three children Bill Jr., Nancy, and Little Dave. Seems that would be a handful at times. Tessie is very outspoken, unlike the other women in the village. She seems to want to voice her opinion no matter who is listening. The other women were mostly silent, besides the few comments to each other before the drawing started. Mr. Summers called Bill Hutchinson from his list of men to draw. This was the initial drawing to determine which family would draw to see who got stoned. As his name was called, Tessie said “get up there, Bill” as if rushing him to draw (143). When all the men had drawn, Mr. Summers had the men to open their slips of paper. When Bill opened his slip of paper, he had the marked slip. Tessie

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