The Lion King - an Ecological Study for Ap Environmental Science

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The Lion King - An Ecological Study for AP Environmental Science After watching the movie, respond to each of the following questions. Questions 1-4 refer to the movie as a whole. Questions 6-20 refer to specific scenes in the movie or ideas in ecology. You will need to answer all questions on a separate sheet of paper. Typing this paper, although optional, is encouraged. Your answers will be graded based on length, completeness of information and quality. This assignment will count as test grade. 1) Identify a food chain consisting of organisms in the movie. Include at least 4 organisms and be sure to identify which organisms are the producers, first level, secondary level, and tertiary level consumers. In addition, state the nutritional modality of the consumer (herbivore, carnivore, etc.) (8 pts.) 2) Make a list of as many organisms you can identify that contributed to a balanced ecosystem in and around Pride Rock. Using the characters from the movie, draw and label a complete food web, explain how they are connected, and categorize the organisms by their nutritional modality. You must have at least 10 organisms to receive credit. (10 pts.) 3) During the movie Simba is in 3 different Biomes. Identify the 3 Biomes and describe characteristics of the biome that allowed you to identify it. (6 pts.) 4) Give an example from the movie of a population, a community, a symbiotic relationship, a predator-prey relationship, and a competitive relationship (5 pts.) 5) Introducing Baby Simba Scene - List 3 biotic Factors and 3 abiotic factors from the Lion King introduction. The birds riding on the tusks of the elephant feed on insects the elephant stirs up. What kind of symbiotic relationship exists between the two? commensalism/mutualism/parasitism (7 pts.) 6) During a lion and cub moment, Mufasa says to Simba, “everything you see exists in a delicate

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