The Levy Piano Quintet

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The Levy Piano Quintet Although my ears are not exactly trained to interpret and understand classical music like modern music, I still came away impressed, but at the same time somewhat confused by this performance. Kean Hall was packed to capacity, so it was a good thing I had someone buy my ticket in advance. Frank Ezra Levy is a French-born, world-renowned performer and composer. According to the program, to this date he has more than one hundred published works to his credit, including four symphonies. In the first piece, the instruments played are the piano and violin. The tempo is reasonably slow, with a monophonic tone. Initially there is a piano solo, but then the piano joins in. This pattern alternates throughout the entire piece, until the violin finishes with a solo. My interpretation of this piece was that it was extremely calm. The second song had staunch differences from the first piece. This song had a much faster tempo, and the piano started this piece. Like in the first piece, the violin and piano alternated. As the piece continued, the very fast and powerful tempo gave way to more tranquil music and a much slower tempo. After this slower tempo continued for a short time, it went right back to its initial tempo and intense demeanor. It appeared as if the performers enjoyed the piece they were playing, I could feel a sense of enthusiasm and that I had not before. The best way I could describe this piece was that it seemed like an unsure setting, very suspenseful with uncertainty. The third piece in my opinion was the most unique of all. This piece was very supple and had a relaxed feeling to it. A violin solo began the piece, then the piano joined in and they played together. The initial tempo was slow, but in the middle of the piece it sped up, almost seemed like chaos, but slowed again to its first tempo. This song

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