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The Landlady Maddison Hyatt The creation of characters, and how the author presents his point of view to affect the audience by his use of writing techniques to challenge the readers thoughts about the two main characters. “The Landlady” written by Roald Dahl, published in the 1959, pin points his two main characters by stereotypes. Billy Weaver was constructed as a naïve, Seventeen year old boy compared to the Landlady who was made out to be an over caring, dotty, old lady. The author provides a view of the world in which women [especially older women] are caring of everybody, loves tea and fusses over people to display their love. Therefore men [especially younger men] are respectful towards the elderly, and even a little naïve. Dahl uses dialogue, descriptive language and third person point of view to develop our understanding of the two characters. Moreover, the use of dialogue in this short story presents a negative perspective upon both characters. Shown on page 4 the Landlady refers to Billy as “my dear boy.” Dahl choice to Landlady’s language was used to manipulate Billy, carefully dominating him into believing she is the stereotypical sweet and caring old lady. However, on page 2, Billy’s response to one of the Landlady’s unwholesome actions was “the old girl is slightly dotty”. Besides, on page 3, he reconsidered his previous thoughts shown by the dialogue “but she was also quite obviously a kind and generous soul”. This represents Billy as simple-minded, though Billy tried to look more mature than he actually was, wearing the suit he still didn’t pick up any signs the Landlady was showings and she used this to her own advantage. Dhal uses dialogue to portray how naïve Billy was and how silently cleaver the Landlady was. Dahl uses descriptive language to reconsider the reader’s

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