Poison Wood Bible Style Analysis

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Poison Wood Bible Excerpt Style Analysis This excerpt, from Poison Wood Bible, displays the way Kingsolver manipulates diction, detail, and point of view to demonstrate the similarities and differences in Leah’s character, and present the shared anxiety of all the characters as they travel to a new place. It is Kingsolver’s obvious intent to further the reader’s understanding of Leah’s personality and varied emotions toward the situation, by including distinct traits and characteristics that only she would have. The choice of diction Leah selects, such as “confederated”, “trimming”, and “biting”, allows insight from the reader to see her dramatic and sometimes even critical personality. In the second paragraph, when Leah says that her father “confederated” her mother along with the coin-jingling sinners, it displays her intuitiveness about things beyond her age. By being able to understand her father without him using words shows how similar they are, and how much they understand each other. In a way, she is also categorizing her mother, and later on her sister, with the sinners, furthering her critical attribute. Another defining feature shared among the family members, is the prim and proper attitude towards everything. When the family is attempting to meet their sixty-one pound maximum requirement, Leah says even when they are “trimming” back it does not help them reach that constraint. Rather than saying, “cutting” back, as most would, she says the more gracious thing, offering insight into her upbringing as well as her parent’s parenting styles for the reader. It is clear in the excerpt that the first person point of view affects the tone, by displaying Leah’s reactions and varied feelings toward the situations at hand, and other characters. When Leah assesses her sister, Rachel’s beauty aids, and says she cares “for naught but appearances.” This again

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