The King Of Torts

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The Relevance of the Book, The King of Torts The U.S court system has numerous cases in it, they range from multi million dollar cases (including the bank crisis, or the car business for example) to less severe cases called torts. A tort is a legal term defined as “ A wrongful act that does not include breach of contract. This offense damages the injured parties property or reputation, leaving that party able to gain compensation.” ( The book The King of Torts is about a man named Clay Carter. He has a stable job, it doesn’t pay as much as he wishes. He in the scheme of one week goes from making 100,000$ a year to making 5,000,000$ in one case. This is all because he filed something called a mass tort (also known as a class tort). Now you might be thinking, “One case can’t get someone so rich so fast!” That is not true, the King of Torts was a good title for this book for several reasons. One being that this tort was Clay’s biggest one yet. It was the king of all the torts he has worked on. This tort was against a major drug company that created “miracle drugs” (page. 137) These drugs were rushed through creation and had many major health detriments. The one drug in particular he sued about was called Dyloft, this drug was supposed to help lessen the pain with Arthritis. The only problem was this drug cause tumors of the bladder. This was enough to make the company peruse a quick settlement of 100 million dollars. Clay obtained thirty three percent of that money in legal fees. Another thing about the King of Torts is that Clay was deemed the “King of Torts” by his legal counter parts. The mass tort lawyers had made big settlements over silly argument, but not as big as Clay’s. He was now an unofficial king of torts. The massive settlement lead to claying buying a two million dollar yacht and a forty-five million dollar jet called “The

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