The Influence Of Mass Media Is Largely Negative

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The Influence of Mass Media is Largely Negative. Do you agree? Mass Media is undoubtly ubiqituous in today’s society, and the media often be scapegoated by the society as as a tool to spread negative influence on the community, such as media stereotypes as well as violence. had defined mass media as a means of communication that reach a large audience, and indeed they knit different parts of the world today. Many of these forms of media are present in our daily normal lives, such as television and newspaper. Their presence had sometimes brought degradation to moral values in our society, such as stereotypes and media violence. Stereotypes could bring about devastating results, such as when Adolf Hitler dominated the media in mid 1930s to stereotype the Jews through newspapers which will eventually be responsible for the horrifyingly catastrophic deaths of 6 million Jews. Or even violent behaviour among people which is believed by researchers to be caused by constant exposure to media violence. On the other hand, while it is true that media do bring about negative impacts in our society, their positive impacts should indeed not to be neglected as they often show overt actions to our society. Media help us to disseminate information swiftly or even having a cheap access to the entertainment world. Hence, due to the benefits that they bring, i always believe that the positive aspects of mass media always outweigh its negative influence. Violence in today’s world is unavoidable and partly is due to constant exposure to media violence which is common today and violence caused many problems to social life. Media violence,often in the form of violent television programmes and video games had influenced many youths aparts from adults. In the US, survey had shown that 80% of the television programmes are violence and exposure to
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