Watching Torture In Prime Time Analysis

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Popular Torture Viewer discretion is advised. In Anne-Marie Cusacs article “Watching Torture in Prime Time” she discloses the truth behind Fox Channel’s hit show “24” and it’s use of torture as method of entertainment. The media has become a huge part of our lives for a source of learning, entertainment and communication. Popular media needs to be limited to the context, since much of the information it is unreliable. Exposing violence in the media teaches bad morals and is not supported by the greater good of society. In the show “24”, the main character, Jack Bauer is effective and powerful in saving America, by using torturing methods. The message sent is, “ long as the tortures manage to choose the correct victim…those who know a lot and those who know a little spill... information within seconds after pain starts-which is not a common occurrence”(Cusac 140). The show makes scenarios look so unrealistic, that you can’t determine what the truth is and what is make belief. Some may say, “Its unfair competition. If you place torture of a few people, innocent or not, next to an imminent nuclear holocaust, torture seems like it’s a necessity”(Cusac 139). The show makes it seem as if torture,…show more content…
“The more our government sanctions torture, the more that high-level officials do not face censure, the more our democracy erodes”(Cusac 141). Regardless, the effectiveness of certain interrogation methods, under the International Law, it is not acceptable. The actions that exemplify crime and punishment are not appropriate on television. We need to stop supporting this kind of entertainment on television, and protect our society from being influenced through televisions message. The need to show that there are rules and rights of humans rather than television being in contradiction of the human rights side of our

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