The Importance Of Universal Health Care: Can It Help The US

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Universal Health Care: Can it help the U.S.? Universal Health Care: Can it help the U.S.? Health care is a basic human need and an effective health care system is crucial for the population to thrive and for the economy to grow. With the different financing options available, governments are able to provide universal health care and still maintain other health care options, both public and private. Thirty-two out of the thirty-three nations are now using universal health care for their population, with the United States being the exception. Even though arguing politics makes the process complicated, United States should provide universal health coverage for its populace because many cannot afford basic health care and do not seek out…show more content…
This system would be financed by eliminating the need for private insurance companies and reduce the amount of money waste on expensive administrative staffing expenses. A single payer health care program with universal coverage would be able to save money by allowing better coordination between providers and a continuity of care that is not possible to get from other insurance plans with an average saving possibility of more than $400 billion a year (Silver,…show more content…
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