Pros And Cons Of Healthcare In America

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Healthcare in America Joshua Durfey ITT Technical Institute EN1320 Mr. Joy 24 February, 2014 Healthcare in America “Healthcare reform is not a new concept. In the late 1800s, 11 industrial nations developed social/national insurance.” (Lehman, 2013) The Affordable Healthcare Act has been a big controversy since its conception in 2010. Many people believe it will help, but there are the others who think this is another way for the government to control us. “Despite public perception, it is a fact that the healthcare system in the United States does not deliver the most salubrious care.” (Lehman, 2013) The pros and cons will be discussed in this paper as well as what it means to you and me. One of the biggest helps this bill will…show more content…
This allows someone who lives in a poorer part of town to have lower health insurance cost. However, this means people who live in upscale areas will pay more, even if they cannot afford the coverage’s. This may hurt many Americans who have lost their jobs due to the economy. Businesses, big and small, will have to pay a higher rate of insurance for their employees. This is causing some businesses to let people go, drop hours, and not fill empty positions. “The percentage of nonelderly individuals without health insurance coverage was 18.9 percent in 2009, up from 17.4 percent in 2008, and its highest level during the 1994–2009 period. These trends are due to job losses resulting from the recent recession and slow economic recovery, fewer workers being eligible for coverage, and more workers with coverage dropping it.” (Fronstin, 2010)This hurts people who are looking to find work. “According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than 78 percent of America’s 28 million businesses are “non-employer” firms, people who create their job and have nobody else on payroll. That’s a workforce of almost 22 million – larger than California and Michigan combined – and many are America’s entrepreneurs and job creators.” (Anderson, 2014) This also raises prices to the consumer to buy the products made in the companies. The little person is who pays the price for the…show more content…
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