The Importance Of The Writing Process

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The Importance of the Writing Process The type of writing process that the author uses is very important because it affects the way the reader comprehends what they’re reading. There are a few elements of the academic writing process such as, author, audience, text, and context. Author and audience consists of demands, motivations, and competence. While text consist of constraints and medium. Context consist of constraints, time and place, and community. Different authors use different elements in their writings based on their opinion of which ones are most important. I believe the relationship between author and audience is most important. I chose three different authors to support my ideas on the significance of the relationship between author and audience. The articles that I will be using for examples are, “Writing for an Audience” by Linda Flower, “Saying is Believing” by Patricia T. O’Conner, and “Writing to Change the World” by Mary Pipher. A good writer makes sure that the audience comprehends and learns something from the writing. In “Writing for an Audience”, Linda Flower states there are three areas a writer needs to consider when addressing their readers, “the reader’s knowledge about the topic, his or her attitude towards it and his or her personal or professional needs” (98). The elements author and audience are the most important because that’s why the author is writing, for the audience. Every author should be writing with a sense of purpose. Without the author there’s nothing for the audience to read and without the audience the author has no reason to write. “Linda Flower tells us that to be successful managers of information we need to know how our audience will see the information we present, so that we can choose and shape information to help them understand our perspective” (98). Which means that before a author writes about anything they
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