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Descriptive Essay On &Amp;Amp;Quot;My Favorite Teacher&Amp;Amp;Quot;

  • Submitted by: deenell1520
  • on March 29, 2009
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Maunell Bates
English 1301-48
February 10, 2009
Descriptive Essay of “My Favorite Teacher”
The essay I chose to write about is “My Favorite Teacher” by Thomas L. Friedman.   This essay describes how Friedman’s journalism teacher, Helen M. Steinberg, and what effect she had on Friedman’s life.   Friedman writes a straight forward essay that is well written and helps the reader understand why he thought so much of her. “My Favorite Teacher” paints a clear   picture of Hattie M. Steinberg, of her teaching and what she meant to her student, Thomas L. Friedman.
The most dominant impression Friedman’s essay portrays is fundamentals. Fundamentals of journalism and of life. These fundamentals Friedman writes that he and other students often recall to this day. Friedman remembers   Steinberg instilled in her students the importance of hard work and discipline.   She taught them the importance of presenting oneself professionally.   Friedman states, “I sit up straight just thinking about her.” He remembers her classroom as a place of learning not only about journalism, but also about life.
Throughout the essay, Friedman writes about the lessons she taught her students.   The fundamentals, as he calls it. Steinberg believed that to have a successful career and life, you must have the fundamentals right.   I believe she wanted to teach Friedman and her other students to reach beyond what they thought a good journalist should be. Friedman says she was clarity during uncertain times. I feel he thought of her as someone who was unwavering, a constant figure of stability   Not only to write a good article or story, but to be a well-rounded person, to read write to respect the law and church.   Steinberg wanted her students to also understand consequences. To be able to stand by what you write.
The atmosphere of the essay was straight forward in that he stated what he thought of her. He spoke of her frankly, saying that she was one of the toughest teachers he’d ever had. I feel he...

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