The Importance of Being Earnest

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The importance of being Earnest The Importance of being Earnest Is a farce-its principal target of satire is the English upper class. Jack Worthing is a pillar of the Hertfordshire community where he is also the guardian to Cecily Cardrew, daughter of the man who adopted Jack. To get away from his moral obligations, Jack creates a spoiled brother, earnest whom he uses to escape from his duties for as long as he wishes. Jack is in love with a women, Gwendolen Fairfax; the cousin of Algernon (his best friend) who knows him as Earnest like everyone In the metropolis and because of his name (Earnest) returns his affection. The play begins with Algernon suspecting that Earnest (Jack) lives a double life after reading the inscription on his case that reads ”Uncle Jack” and “little Cecily”. Failing in his attempts to lie, Jack confesses the truth while Algernon announces he too, to escape from social obligations goes to the country in order to visit his made-up sick friend- Bunbury. When Gwendolen visits Algernon with her mother, Lady Bracknell in the presence of Jack, Jack proposes to her and she agrees- confirming that she would not marry anyone with any name other than Earnest. Lady Bracknell considers Jack worthy of her daughters hand until he tells her that he was found at Victoria station, in a hand bag .Lady Bracknell forbids the match and sweeps out of the house. Jack gives Gwendolen his real address which Algernon who is interested in meeting Cecily after hearing about her, writes down on his collar secretly and in the next scene arrives at Hertfordshire, introduces himself as Earnest, Jacks brother. Jack returns home in mourning clothes claiming that his brother passed away only to find Algernon at his house, pretending to be Earnest. Algernon falls in love with Cecily in a matter of minutes and proposes to her and is surprised to hear that she already
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