The Impact Of Smoking In Woman On Birth Weith

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The Impact Of Smoking In Woman On Birth Weight The Impact of smoking in woman on birth weight is extremely important to be aware of from a personal standpoint. According to my research on this critical issue there are far reaching effects on the fetus from smoking maternal mothers. Unfortunately for woman in this day and time, there is a 82% chance of having a low birth weight but some woman mostly uneducated woman I must add think that having a lighter birth baby means an easier birth. Indeed this is wrong because smoking during the birth process can cause no end list of health and physical problems to the child. Carbon Monoxide and Nicotine are generally the two main elements that cause effects in the Placenta, cardiovascular and central nervous, which all are causes of low birth weight and other problems effecting the infant before and after birth. According to research “ Carbon monoxide has a higher affinity for hemoglobin than oxygen, quickly forming the compound carboxyhemoglobin which is unable to carry oxygen. The formation of this molecule leads to a potential for decreased oxygen delivery to the fetus and fetal hypoxia. Nicotine is generally regarded”(Cigarette Smoking, Pregnancy and the Developing Fetus By Krisa Van Meurs, MD Associate Professor of Pediatrics Stanford University School of Medicine. September 5, 1999 ). Nicotine is also noticeable in breast milk and mothers that are exposed to smoke also causing critical effects to the fetus. Low birth weight is increased by 26% for every five cigaretts smoked per day so it is prevalent that the risk and magnitude of low birth weight is related to the number of cigaretts smoked on a daily basis. The Low-weight babies can be expected to have severe health problems that are short term and long term such as breathing disorders, bronchitis and ear infections especially in the first two years

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