The Illusion of Freedom (Animal Farm)

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“…comrades, I will tell you my dream of last night… a dream of the earth… when man has vanished” (Orwell 22). However, this idea was nothing more than a dream itself. This dream which led into a journey that unravels into a series of hardships was written by George Orwell in his book “Animal Farm.” Orwell showed that when leadership becomes corrupted, the struggle of power from people to government destroys the liberties and freedoms of the people with the replacement of oppression and slavery. Various times Orwell’s book demonstrates that the actions of the characters can lead to prosperity. However at the same time their actions can run untamed and lead to depravity. He also goes to show that the metamorphosis of power is a delicate balance between the people and government. In the beginning the animals are told of a dream by one known as Major, one of which inspires a hope of freedom and liberation from Man, through the actions of major he had unified the animals under a single wish. And sown in the seed which would sprout the rebellion. However, as the animals waited for a foretold reincarnation of the world without man their chance arouse by force. Because of the conditions that were in place the animals rebelled. “…the animals had chased Jones and his men out…and the Manor farm was theirs”(Orwell 29). Because of the actions of the animals the farm had been successfully cleared of humans and was now to be used for purposes of a greater good for all animals. In the world today many revolutions and rebellions have occurred in the effort to establish a greater union. However, some of these have not ended with the same results of a promised freedom and equality for all. After the rebellion the animals found themselves in the formation of a systems of equality to all animals. This system was meant to be a beacon for all animals, to protect them from the corruption
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