Animal Farm Allegory

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Name: Emily Coleman Date: June 8, 2012 Selection Title: Animal Farm Literal Meaning: The story Animal farm is rhetoric of the Russian Revolution. It retells the story of the emergence and development of the Soviet Communism in the form of a story with animals who wish to take over the farm. Animal farm allegorizes the rise to the power of the dictator Mr. Jones Stalin. The over throw of Mr. Jones by a democratic coalition of animals gives away all of the power to the pigs. Just the Soviet, the pigs are able to establish themselves as a ruling class in the now new society. Symbolic Meaning: Some symbols that were in Animal farm were; Animal farm, the barn, and the windmill.Animal farm was a symbol because it is known as the beginning and the end of the novel and also symbolizes Russia and the Soviet Union which was under the Communist Party rule. Animal farm also stands for human societies in general. It has an internal structure of the nation, with a government (the pigs), a police force or army (the dogs), a working class (the other animals), with state holidays and rituals. The barn is a symbol because this was the place the pigs painted the seven commandments and then added their revisions, which represents the collective memory of a modern nation. The pigs did this to create Animalism and to ensure that the pigs would continue to rule over all of the animals. The working-class animals would puzzle over the changes but accept them. If the working-class believes history of lies from their oppressors, the will be less likely to question oppressive practices. The windmill is a symbol of the pigs’ manipulation of the other animals for their own gain. Even though there was an immediate need for food and warmth, the pigs exploit the boxer and the other animals and make them work hard to build the windmill, which is only to help the pigs’ earn more money to
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