The Holocaust: Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Government

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The Holocaust What exactly is the holocaust and how did it come about? The Holocaust was run by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi government. The whole idea was to annihilate six millions Jews. Hitler had an entire plan. There were many victims, and each of them had a different colored triangle with a letter on it that they had to wear. Some of the victims were Jews, Gypsies, people with physical or mental disabilities, and Jehovah witnesses. These victims were selected simply because they were not true Aryans to Hitler and the Nazi government anyways. How was the economy affected by the holocaust? The economy was already in a depression because of the World Wars. They say the only reason that Hitler came to power is because the Germans were starving and fighting to survive between the two wars. Hitler offered the sick and tired a way to bring back Germany, but what they didn’t know is what it entailed. During the holocaust the economy kept going down hill. At the beginning of 1933 the Jewish population in the 21 countries of Europe was nine million people. By the year of 1945 two out of every three European Jews had been killed. Holocaust survivor Abel Herzberg says; “There was not six million Jews murdered, there was one murder six million times.” The hate and prejudice that…show more content…
This meant that he would slowly change the rules, allowing him to gain more and more control over his people. New laws preventing rebellious attempts to overthrow his government and the elimination of non-supporters that would possibly dissent, (disagree with his plan)(1), gave Hitler complete control over what happened within the country's
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