The Hippie Movement: The Influence Of Woodstock In 1969

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Woodstock Picture this, about 400,000 hippies on a dairy farm in the middle of nowhere. Along with that comes over 30 bands including Janis Joplin and The Who in the line-up. In this presentatin you will learn all about the events of Woodstock in 1969. Starting off on what influenced Woodstock to happen, next on how it came to be and was put together, after you will learn about what actually happened at Woodstock, following that is what Woodstock influenced and looking back at it from the retrospect of today. “By 1969 the “hippie” movement had emerged as a group of primarily young people who not only were opposed to the Vietnam War but also wore distinctive and colorful clothing, engaged in illegal drug use and enjoyed rock and roll music.”(Woodstock)…show more content…
“The festival actually took place…about fifty miles away from Woodstock. [The city of] Woodstock was the original location since that was where Bob Dylan was currently residing.”(Remember a day: Woodstock) so to answer your first question, it was named after the city it was originally supposed to happen in. “[police estimated that there was] a million people [on the road trying to get in], 186,000 tickets had been sold; the promoters figured that maybe 200,000 tops would show.”(Remember a day: Woodstock) Nobody thought it was going to be as big as it turned out to be. The promoters who are trying to sell Woodstock to the people even underestimated their own work. “So many people arrived that crowd control was next to impossible. The festival was then declared “free” instead of $18 for all three days.”(Remember a day: Woodstock) Because there was such a huge turnout, the crowd virtually made it free for them to be there. Others bought tickets to get in. There was remarkable music by various artistes like Jimi Hendrix. “Jimi Hendrix…gave a once in a life time performance that separated himself from everyone else. His guitar solo based on the “star spangled banner” could be the most memorable musical event of the festival, as well as being one of the most popular guitar solos in rock history.”(Remember a day: Woodstock) He basically took the national anthem and made it so everyone could hear the bombs being dropped in Vietnam and people screaming for their lives. It showed how our country really isn’t as great as we make it seem. Within all this music being played it wasn’t just a free concert, it was a festival of love and art but people still had to eat. “Woodstock included a self-contained market, in which fans sold food, art work, jewelry and clothing to one another.” (Woodstock) They basically shared each other’s self made culture. Everyone living in that generation will always

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