The Funeral Pericles: The First Athenian Citizen

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I don’t believe a word Pericles says about Athens in the Funeral Pericles “the first Athenian citizen” is blinded by power. he has so much power that he see his state as the best most perfect state ever when really there was many flaws that he could not see like the average man. Pericles thinks of Athens as if it was the best place on earth, it is flawless to him, but it’s too unrealistic. I don’t agree with Percale because he is writing in a time of grief after many men have died for Athens, and he wants to encourage people, heal the people. He wants people to feel good about them. He wants to boost the morale of his people. The democracy itself can tell us their way of thinking or how they felt. Athens is ruled by democracy, which means

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