The Five People You Meet in Heaven

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven By: Mitch Albom In The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, you are introduced to Eddie a war veteran who fixes rides at an amusement park, Ruby Pier. It is Eddie’s 83rd birthday and he dies at the Ruby Pier trying to save a little girl when a ride fails. Eddie finds himself in heaven where he learns he will meet five people. With each meeting, Eddie is taught a lesson about his life on earth. Three lessons Eddie learns are each of Eddie’s actions has a reaction; the power of love; and that his life on earth did have a purpose. When Eddie gets to heaven, the first person he meets is the Blue Man. Through Eddie’s encounter with the Blue Man, he is taught that there are no random acts and that all of Eddie’s actions have a reaction. The Blue man tells Eddie the story of how a young boy ran into the street chasing a ball. The Blue Man was behind the wheel of a borrowed Ford Model A. The Blue Man says, “The road is wet from the morning rain. Suddenly, a baseball bounces across the street, and a boy comes racing after it. The driver slams on the brakes and yanks the wheel. The car skids, the tires screech” [Albom 43]. The blue man is shocked that he almost hit a kid or wrecked his friend’s car. He says, “The impact smacks the man into the steering wheel. His forehead bleeds… the alley is empty. He remains there, unnoticed, slumped against the side of the car. The blood from his coronary arteries no longer flows to his heart. An hour passes. A policeman finds him. A medical examiner pronounces him dead. The cause of death is listed as ‘heart attack’” [Albom 43-44]. Eddie was nervous and had had no idea that he had killed the blue man when he was younger. The Blue Man finished his story and referred to Eddie as “Little Boy” [Albom 44]. Eddie was nervous as he realized he was the young boy who chased

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