Jamel Smith Short Biography

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Jamel Smith: Dusk of June 17th 1994 to Dawn of December 10th 2094 OBITUARY It was approximately 10:45 p.m. on a snowy December night. Jamel was driving home from a close friends house. He came up to a red light. The light was green for Jamel, but red for the drunk driver. The drunk driver ran the red light and hit Jamel’s truck on the driver side. Jamel was still alive though, grasping for air and in shock all at the same time, he managed to crawl out the passenger door. Jamel laid in the snow for approximately ten minutes until the ambulance came. There was no snow within a ten foot radius around Jamel, but there was a colossal puddle of blood. The ambulance arrived to the accident too late to save Jamel. He had bled to death, as his cold…show more content…
He graduated in the top ten percentile of his class, and with a 4.0 GPA. Jamel’s dream every since he was a young child was to play college football. His dream became reality after Jamel graduated from high school. Jamel was awarded a full four year scholarship to Harvard University. At Harvard University Jamel practiced in the Medical field, due to the fact that he wanted to become a pediatrician. Jamel was the best wide receiver to step foot on the Harvard football field by far. He set records in every aspect possible, made it into the hall of fame, and won the Heisman Trophy his junior and senior years in college. Jamel was the first round first Draft Pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. He was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. During Jamel’s career he broke all of Randy Moss’s records. Jamel led his team to three super bowl championships. He was once again inducted into the Hall of Fame and until this day is the best wide receiver that ever walked the face of the Earth. After Jamel’s 15 year football career he retired. He then went back to pursuing his dream of becoming a pediatrician, and made it reality. Smith worked as a pediatrician for 32 years. He purchased an island for him and his wife to live on for the rest of their lives. He named this island “ Bwell Smiff Island”. Jamel would still be living there at this moment if he had not decided to go to New York and visit his best friend Gerald from college. Jamel was the example of a perfect person, and demonstrated how success is the result of

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