The Ethical Dilemma Of Outsourcing.

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The Ethical Dilemma of Outsourcing. This paper will examine the phenomena of outsourcing from an employee and corporate perspective in an attempt to gain insight into the pros and cons of the outsourcing issue. The researcher proposes that outsourcing is morally and ethically an objectionable practice; the results show little benefit to the company and much harm to the employees it effects. A formal review of the literature available with regards to outsourcing is analyzed, and the case against outsourcing is made. The researcher shows how outsourcing impacts workers in a negative manner, goes against the moral and ethical standards inherent in business and proves that outsourcing will ultimately result in dissatisfaction for corporations in the long term. From an ethical view, outsourcing is wrong and has pessimistic results on both employees and corporations in the long run. Corporations that bolt to outsource job task realize little returns on investments and profit savings in the long term. The surge to outsource has left companies with little worth and no tangible assets in the production or delivery of products. Among the people most affected by outsourcing in recent years are white collar workers, whose resumes are now overwhelming the job market as enthusiastic job seekers attempts to find jobs that will pay them a fraction of what they were earning while working in corporate America (Shaw, 2004). Companies that seek to modernize operations and reduce labor cost are turning more to outsourcing. The results are enthralling; more than “one third” of all households have seen a family member lose a job” and more than forty percent of people have a reported knowing someone that has recently been laid off do to outsourcing (Shaw, 2004 137). Critics suggest that many companies or downsizing without giving thought of whom they are downsizing, suggesting they

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