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Technology In Business: Evolving Or Unethical Essay

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Krystal Purnell
MGT 4322
Dr. Marin
20 March 2012
Technology in Business: Evolving or Unethical?
Technology is becoming the forefront in posing a threat on business ethics.   In the light of ethical problems from technology, we are moving towards a time where it will be impossible to create jobs in a conventional sense.   We will soon be asking “How do we value human lives without livelihood” (Keith 1)?   It is apparent that humans could be terrified of the ethical dilemmas that our technological future is creating, coming from a bio, nano, computer or synthetic intelligence viewpoint.   Over the past sixty years a transformation in the business world has caused both blue-collar and white-collar workers of the 21st century to become relatively obsolete and holding to little value.   In the United States product industries, during the last four decades of the 20th century, the population to employment ratio decreased significantly.   IT service management and infrastructure library strategies are at the basis of a diminishing workforce.   According to James Felton Keith, “The ethical, political, and social implications of this reality are that humankind will lose its ability to allocate value to human lives without livelihood. (2)” He also poses two questions regarding a diminishing workforce: “How will people exist without the work that defined their parent’s social and political identities?   What kinds of equality should they be fighting for? (2)” Having explained the background of the topic, deductive reasoning will be allocated to this technology problem regarding business ethics.   Deductive reasoning moves from a general ethical principle, all technology is ethically wrong in business, to a specific ethical judgment or conclusion, technology in business poses an unethical code of conduct.  
All technology is ethically wrong in business.   Technology has proven to cause a problem within businesses, affecting organizational culture, management techniques, and goal...

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