The Empire Strikes Back: Resistance To Racial Rule

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Danielle Farmery Race and Poverty in America Section 1 February 24, 2015 Summary and Response Paper #5 In the reading “the Empire Strikes Back: Resistance to Racial Rule” by Winant, the main them is how enslaved people resisted the rule of their masters. Whites had resorted to racialized structures in order to conquer and enslave, and the Natives and Blacks also, learned to operate within the confines of the color-line in order to develop strategies of resistance. These resistance practices were largely continuous and took many different forms. All of the forms of resistance had one shared purpose- to inform and guide the pursuit of freedom for the enslaved. Many slaves practiced resistance just as an effort to recapture time from the slave-owner’s control, they wanted their “non-working” time to increase. Some of the forms of resistance that the slaves used were “foot-dragging”, theft, and sabotage. Some slaves used more drastic forms of resistance like escaping and marronage. Escape was a tactic that was constantly used, but it took different forms depending on the regime of white control, the…show more content…
The scapegoating theory states that people blame others for their own failures. Authoritarian personality theory explains that a certain personality type is like to be prejudiced. The personality type that is most likely to be prejudiced is said to be developed from experiencing harsh discipline in early childhood. This theory is widely controversial and many people do not find it very credible. The third theory is the exploitation theory which explains how people use others unfairly for economic advantage. The last theory is the normative approach, which takes the view that prejudice is influenced by societal norms and situations that encourage or discourage the tolerance of

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