Repressed Sexual Memories

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1. The repressed memory concept is also known as false memory syndrome. False memory syndrome is caused by memories of a traumatic experience most often they are associated with memories of childhood sexual abuse. Many of these types of memories are objectively false, but in which the person believes the memories are true. Because sexual abuse is such a disturbing incident, false accusations of sexual abuse have huge, if not shocking, consequences for families. There is a bit of controversy about false memory syndrome, on one side by those who believe that the memories are not true, and on the other side by those who say that people who have committed the sexual abuse acts are using false memory syndrome to question allegations against them. The effects of memories such as these rising to the surface, whether they are actual memories or not, is often devastating to formerly functional families. The article in question has taken on the view from the False Memory Society in which the accused has stated that the accusations are false. The article revolves around one daughter who is split on whether to believe her sister’s letter about her father sexual assaulting her when she was 2 or to believe that her father is innocent. The problem is that she does not want to dismiss her sister’s allegations even if she knows that they are unfounded in her own mind. It seems that the media piece is questioning whether repressed memories are indeed factual. They mention that the women in question had a highly controversial treatment known as Recovery Memory Therapy. This treatment has been discredited by many experts and groups, but there is no mention of experts and groups that defend this type of treatment. While it is certain that children are abused, and that it is a serious problem, unconfirmed claims of sexual abuse from years past is the focal point of the controversy
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