The Elements of the Tort of Negligence Essay

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Task 4.1 Apply the elements of the tort of negligence and defences in different business situations. Civil criminal act can certainly perform every single man and a senior who is in some enticing environment. May be given some example of a doctor who performed a fraud against the state regarding their work or outside work, eg. sale of a bad product at a high price in their favor. I can mention some law tort committed by the other person: breach of an agreement, if someone injures, loss of property or any relationships that were caused by the act of someone from the other side. To avoid any fees for legal protection, especially what they should require all businesses need to have a basic knowledge about torts. It will be best for them since they can recognize and reduce risks where the most effective position of your business. Negligence: If a person does something irresponsible and will behave without character and he will be indifferent to everything, if you say one word it's a bad person and do not appreciate anything and then obviously guilty of negligence. To cite just a traffic accident: If the driver was going too fast as it was designed in a particular lane and not adapt their driving according to brand and then the resulting court is likely to determine the driver's negligence as a criminal offense. Task 4.2 Apply the elements of vicarious liability in given business situations. Doctrine is generally associated with the law and tells us about all offenses for which we have away. In England, the historical period to be known as the Master and Servant responsibility which we showed that the doctrine was becoming usable in tort law. The person who is named delict be personally responsible for any damages or injury committed by the specified time. Vicarious liability means that a person is responsible for all the offenses of others.

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