Plagiarism Essay

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Plagiarism is the intentional, and sometimes unintentional, stealing of someone else’s work without giving credit to the originator. Plagiarism could be citing work incorrectly or not citing it at all. Bootlegging, which is a very common act today, is a form of plagiarism. It is the taking of usually films or plays and producing copies without paying the owner of the work. Bootleggers use this for the own profit. It is incredibly important to give credit to the originator for their work. If someone was to be caught committing these acts will cause the losing the trust of others, academic standing, credibility, and/or sometimes their freedom. Quiz: You Be the Judge The Verdict is In! Quiz results for: Kimberly Whitehead Question 1: Which of the following is a requirement for including verbatim (word for word) information from an outside source? a. Cite the source and page number where you found the quote. b. Set the passage off in quotes, or indent it if it is longer than a line or two of text. c. Choose a sentence, phrase, or passage that reiterates what you stated previously That's Correct! Citing the source and page number and setting the passage off in quotes (or indenting it if it is longer than a line or two of text) are requirements for including verbatim information from an outside source. Question 2: Which of the following is a potential consequence of plagiarism? a. Receiving a zero for the course b. Having a college degree revoked after the fact c. Being sued by the author of the plagiarized, original work That's Correct! Almost anything can happen to plagiarists; the outcome is usually very negative. While there is no guarantee of getting caught, plagiarists ultimately hurt themselves by not learning to write skillfully or think independently. Question 3: Which of the following strategies is helpful for avoiding plagiarism? a.
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