The Effects of Music and Lyrics on Personality

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Effects of music and lyrics on Personality. In this essay the author makes a claim of fact by pointing out that the idea of art has a changing effect on personality. This is supported with some book readings by different generation of youth. Books like Homer’s Iliad were supposed to be beneficiary for youths who were mandated to read them and know them by heart. “That makes a man half whole; music is the other half which perfects a human being”. (Confucius). Although most of the discussion on art and personality focuses on literature, music also has a similar effect on personality. A reason to support the claim that music affects one’s personality is that of the experiment presented in this article. The experiment is to determine whether music can produce significant changes in the experience of one’s personality under laboratory conditions. 87 first year undergraduates at a big university in Canada (58 women and 29 men) with a mean age of 18.3 were being tested. They were given a set of questions including the big five inventory and were divided into 3 groups: classical music and lyrics with English translation, classical music with German lyrics and lyrics only with English translation. They were then asked a different set of questions with the reintroduction of the big five inventory. The result showed music produce a big increase and lyrics produce a significant decrease. These results are recent and reliable because it was tested but it might not be accurate because music affects people differently. If they were not in the laboratory, the result might be different. The author hypothesized that art provides a means of control in order for a variable which might be music to be introduced into someone’s personality. This could lead to a long term developmental change. The counter argument would be that although music and lyrics produced this
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