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1.) Do you agree with the results of your IAT. I decided to take the Light Ski-Dark Skin IAT. No, I don’t agree with the results of my IAT. I think that the results of this test are not correct. I don't think that the results of this test represented me or my preference for people at all. I think the results mis read me and my love for all people. It's weird because society has put into peoples heads that white is good and black is bad. I don't believe this to be true. After taking this IAT, the results gave the appearance that that idea was true. I’m really not sure if this was a bias or un-bias test. The way that the test is given causes on to try to go fast but remember the new arrangement that was setup on screen. I know that my issues was the moving of the people on the screen, once I adapted to the people being one way they were switched. Had the test been kept the same and just added the words, the results would be different because I would be able to swiftly respond to the test. 2.) If you are comfortable sharing, what was the result of your IAT? If you are…show more content…
The results of my IAT concluded that I have a moderate automatic preference for light skin compared to dark skin. While taking the test, I knew the response that I wanted to put but because of the switching around I would accidently press the wrong letter. I guess in my mind I was trying to move fast while keeping up with the constant change. I feel as though the test should've given a little to no preference result for me. My impression of the IAT is that it may be accurate, but it really depends on the person taking it. These test are not accurate just used for research but I still feel as though it’s a better way to administer the test. The test made me think about the way they ordered to images and words and kept rearranging them making you use both your dominant and non-dominant hand to
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