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My World of Music Music plays an integral and emotional role in our lives. We all have some stories and memories tied to certain songs that we hear. Music helps in shaping our identity as we mature through life. A discourse community is a group of people who speak and share the same interests in certain topics, knowledge, and vocabulary using similar jargons specific to that community. I successfully joined a discourse community of a music class to learn the skills of playing an electronic keyboard in my sophomore year of high school. I attended a seminar in our school conducted by a renowned institution known as The Trinity College of London. The Trinity College of London offers graded musical qualifications in performing arts, musical theory and for performance in electronic keyboards, piano, violin, and many other musical instruments. Having a soft corner for music since childhood, I decided to opt for their class as I thought this to be the perfect platform to enhance my skills in an art form that I was passionate about. Moreover, the class took place in one famous music college that was just a few blocks away from my school. I used the appeals of ethos, pathos and logos to become accepted as an essential unit of this discourse community in which I had taken part in. During my three years in the class, I learned much about my instrument and the theory of music. I learned music as a whole new subject and explored the dynamics of learning and playing the keyboard and how to use it to produce good sound! I also learnt the different types of notes, scales, rhythms, tempos, the history of music, the composition of good music, and many more new things which not only made me develop my skills in my instrument but also gave me a thorough review of orchestration music as a whole. Now as a keyboard player, if someone else is playing along with me with his instrument

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