The Effect of Temperature in the Solubility of Sugar (Sucrose) in Water

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In this report I will be looking at the effect of temperature in the solubility of sugar (sucrose) in water when it dissolve in different temperature of water and how long it takes to dissolve. I will also use different scientific explanations to support my findings. In order to do this this experiment I have used three different variables which are:- * Independent (temperature) * Dependant( time taken to dissolve) * Control ( volume of solvent and volume of solute) Equipment needed for the experiment is * 100 ml beaker * Sucrose (sugar) * Timer * Tea spoon * Kettle with boiling water * Thermometer * Ice cubes The methods of this experiment are as follows * First I will boil the water at 100 degree and then put the required amount of boiled water in the beaker. * Use thermometer to measure the temperature and record and then add the required amount of solute and start the timer and stirring until it completely dissolves. * Document the time it takes .I will repeat the process three times and take the average amount of time it took for the solute to dissolve in the solvent of high temperature. * Secondly I will start the second experiment with moderate amount of temperature for example the temperature of the solvent could be half of the temperature of the previous experiment and follow the same steps. * Finally for my third experiment, I will use cold tap water and follow the above steps and compare my findings by filling the results in the table. I also make sure that equal amount of solute and solvent added in to the container to make my findings more accurate. The table below shows the result of the experiment Time taken for sugar to dissolve (sec) | Volume of water | Temperature of water | 1st result | 2nd result | 3rd result | Mean result
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