The Ecological Problems in China and the Possible Solutions

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With a population of 1.3 billion, China is the world's most populous country and has had the world's fastest-growing economy for almost three decades, with average growth rates of 10 percent. While these economic gains have improved the daily lives of millions, a lot of damage has been done to the environment. China is one of the most polluted countries worldwide. The ecological Problems There are major ecological problems the country is facing including the problems mentioned below. Ø Desertification and erosion: About 30% of China’s land is covered by desert and this amount keeps increasing annually. Old deserts keep expanding while new ones are being formed. Areas north of Beijing, in Inner Mongolia and Qinghai province have turned into deserts. In Inner Mongolia, people had to give up their villages because the desertification of land is so severe. Up to 5 billion tones of soil get lost through erosion each year. In western China, the huge Taklimakan and Kumtag deserts are expanding at such a high rate, they are expected to merge in the future. Ø Air pollution and water pollution: Air pollution is China’s biggest ecological problem. Respiratory and heart diseases are the leading cause of death in China. China has got the worst air quality in the world. About 40% of China’s rivers and lakes have a very bad quality, which is unfit for human consumption. Water shortages and water pollution are such a big problem. Nearly two thirds of China’s rural population, more than 500 million people, use water polluted by human and industrial waste. More than 600 million Chinese drink polluted water and 20 million people drink well water with high levels of radiation. China’s high rates of many sorts of cancer have been linked to water pollution. Ø Deforestation: Deforestation continues to be one of the biggest problems China is facing. Deforestation has a

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