Air Pollution In China

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As many countries seek to become economically stable, some do this at the expense of their citizens. Serious health conditions and even death can be a result of some of these improvements, one such consequence of economic stability is air pollution. Good quality air is essential to all life forms and therefore when this is compromised the results can lead to serious health conditions and even death. This is evident in China as China is known as the synonym for air pollution and China´s air quality will continue to deteriorate as long as they choose economic growth over clean air. According to Jonathan Watts of the Guardian Newspaper, he states that the recent economic boost in China is largely connected with coal fired power plants which are used to foster heavy industrialization. Not only did these plants bring significant economic growth but they have also brought air pollution which has become a serious issue in China. When coal is burned to generate electricity, the combustion releases a combination of toxic chemicals into the environments. Coal which is used to power these plants is the cheapest and the most readily available fuel and for this reason China will continue to use it as there dominant fuel source. The situation has now reached crisis stage as the pollution has caused many diseases and has accounted for more than 500 000 deaths last year. According to an article in the New York Times dated August 26, 2007 it is stated that China has the worst air quality in the world and it will continue to get worse unless drastic changes are made and soon. Public health in China is reeling and pollution has made cancer of the lungs China’s major cause of death. China is usually wrapped in toxic, gray shroud and only 1% of the country’s 560 million city dwellers breathe safe air. Many miscarriages and hundreds and thousands of deaths have also been
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