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The differences between my generation and my parents’ generation in terms of lifestyles. Years are passing and generations are changing. It is not difficult to realize differences between our generations. Every day we listen lots of things about early times which our parents tall us and all these information make us be aware of change in traditions, thoughts, aspects of view, food, daily life,hobbies, knowladge, interests , clothers – whole lifestyle. Generations grow and disappears, than it repeats every time. That’s why it’s impossible to run away from changes between generations. Every little change in the world is a real factor to affect the generations and their lifestyles. It is a fact that lifestyles change by the time and there…show more content…
To begin with, my parent generation had very different and simple ways for entertainment.In early times which my parents’ generation lived there were only restricted places for spending time. For example, in past times films in cinemas were very few and people were waiting for new films for months.But now list of films are various. Another aspect is that my parents’ generation were spending their time in the same places, same cafes, same restaurants as there weren’t another choice. So, between those places there was no difference and they were going same places again and again. In contrast, we can find lots of places which amazing opportunities for entertainment. Another fact that create difference beetween generations is modern tecnology such as TV, mobile phones, computers that important part of our generation’s entertainment and we cant imagine our life without these.Instead of this, those people were spending their free time playing games together or doing physical activities. In other words, life was more realistic as there were no virtual ways for entertainment., unlike

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