The Differences and Similarity in Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

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The differences and similarity in aerobic and anaerobic exercise Exercise is very important in our daily life, but why is exercise important? They are many areas where exercise improves our daily life like health. It gives us a better body shape, greater bones density which reduce the chance of osteoporosis, and cardiovascular muscles is built during exercise which it lower the chance of heart disease, also exercise helps with letting out excessive emotions and it improves sleeping quality. Since they are so many advantage of exercise but what type of exercise are they? They are two type of exercise one is aerobic and the other is anaerobic exercise. They are some difference and similarities between anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise as followed: amount of oxygen in blood, maintaining or lost weigh and health. One of the main differences in anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise is the amount of oxygen in blood firstly anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise is the type of exercise without the present of the oxygen. Which lead to many different effects as fallowed, Firstly is heart rate. Fitness promoter and actor from San Diego County say that by doing anaerobic exercise it will raise your heart rate 25 to 30 beat higher than aerobic exercise (Steinberg). One Reasons why your heart rate has such large increase. Is that anaerobic exercise is high level of intensity and in a short time a few example of the anaerobic exercise as followed sprinting, weight lifting and high intensity interval training all of the examples above it performed in a short period of time and the intensity level are very high often after few minute you are tired out of it. This type of exercise burns glycogen and that trains the muscles in your body. On the other hand aerobic exercise is full of oxygenated blood in your body which lead to the lower heart rate then anaerobic exercise

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