The Decline of Thai Teen Smokers Essay

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Smoking kills an average of 450000 people in each year. That is more than car accidents, drunk driving, and illegal substances. In the past, smoking was considered as one of the popular and acceptable trends for teenagers. However, nowadays we can see less number of teen cigarette smokers in Thailand. Why and what are the possible causes that make Thai teen decide not to smoke. Here are some of the factors for the decline in teenage smoker in Thailand, including stop smoking campaign, change in attitude, and health awareness. Firstly, stop smoking campaigns launched by Thai government and organization play the big role to halt Thai teen to start smoking. Thai Government has passed out support for tobacco and cigarette production in Thailand for many years all of the production is taking under control by the government. As a result, Thailand has less number of tobacco related agriculture and business. In addition, Thai government also increases tobacco taxes to increase the cigarette price. Thus making they become more expensive for teen to spend their money on. Moreover, the government also enacted and enforced public smoking restriction law, for example, the regulation for the smoking prohibited zone in public area, and increasing fine rates to make the smoker become more difficult to find a place to smoke. Furthermore, many campaigns are launched to encourage people to give up smoking and show the people about its potential disadvantages. Moreover, cigarette advertisements are also banned in Thailand for many centuries; without their media commercials advertise and with the use of censorship can possibly keep young naïve children know about cigarette smoking. Now there are many regulations in Thailand as well as many countries around the world require cigarette packaging to have clear warnings and pictures about potential health effects from smoking. Also, The

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