The Crucible Essay

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Miller said that, “there were moments when and individual conscience was all that could keep the world from falling apart”. I agree with Miller’s belief in the concept of the individual’s conscience and its influence on surrounding society. In the play Miller shows how people act in the face of mass hysteria and fear. Anyone who would like to keep on living and not get sent off to the gallows would say anything, accuse anyone and not look back once. In the play Miller has set it in Salem during the witch trials which were brutal and scary. In this town the individual conscience has been allowed to not be there. No one will give in to what they think is right for fear that they will be persecuted if they speak out. John Proctor is an example of one of the very few that were accused that is even willing to confess only because his wife is pregnant and he already has three children at home. John however chooses to stay true to his morals or individual conscience and hang. He doesn’t want to be a martyr or be cast to the afterlife in sainthood. He is just willing to do what is right. The following is dialogue between Deputy Governor Danforth and John Proctor. “Danforth: Why ‘must’ you say it! Why, you should rejoice to say it if your soul is truly purged of any love for Hell! Proctor: They think to go like saints. I like not to spoil their names.”(Miller 141) This quote perfectly shows an instance where the authority is trying to get someone scared enough to lie about someone else condemning their name in public but John stays true to his conscience and chooses not to live but die in vain only knowing that his death would neither stop nor increase the witch hunt. In the end however when people finally opened their eyes and saw what was going on they realized that the world was going mad and only their consciences could save
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