The Counter-Revolutionary War: The American Revolution

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“American Revolution” The American Revolution hit the world in several ways. It surprised the world that such a small amount of people would revolt against the grandest army in the world. It was a major influence on other places where revolts occurred in the upcoming days. Native American and the immigrants from Europe built and extended the early America. In the north, there many promoted industry; shipbuilding industry had become the foremost industrial sector. Down in the south, plantation economy is a top priority to with goods of crops, such as tobacco and sugar cane, they mainly supply the European market. After the war against French, British government increased some unfair taxes in the colonists. "The war had saddled Britain with…show more content…
At that time the British royal army from Boston, was occupied by a low rebel weapons arsenal. In the way back to Boston, was a counter-revolutionary volunteer soldiers, 93 people was killed. Under the command of Captain Washington, the American people began the grim war of independence. Freedom is taken at a cost. The army had a very hard time during the war. They had in response to the severe weather. "Buried like sheep under the snow...... almost smothered in the storm." (Annual, Article 17) However, Captain Washington the victory back with lots of pains. “Following the seven years’ war, more than seven thousand British troops, members of the regular army, remained in North America.” (Divine page 58) First British representatives of the British North America rebels opened in Philadelphia on behalf of the Assembly, during the Boston conflict. “Only fools and visionaries expressed optimism about America’s prospects of winning independence in 1776. (Annual, Article 17) The 2nd meeting of the Revolution July 4th , 1776 by passing the famous “Declaration of

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