What Drove Sugar Trade

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Sugar has been started all over the world, the labor from Africa, markets from Europe, and its origins in Asia. They trade all over the world, whether its from Chicago to Bangledash, or some place else, sugar goes a long way. The first sugar cane crops came about 9000 years ago. Consumer demand, slavery, and return on investment all play an important role in the Sugar trade. Consumer Demand is one of many parts on why sugar was sucha crutial part to the society. From making into sweetener for tea, coffee, and chocolate as in document 4. Since then Sweet tea has became the most popular drink in the United Kingdom since sugar was used as a sweetener. Demand is basically wanting more sugar then anyone can need, to keep making products out of it. When the consumers were making the sugar cane and the fields, the more slaves they had, the more sugar produced and more money. Slavery helped majorily in the sugar trade with their work and labor, before the machines took their jobs. Many people wanted slaves so bad that they would basically trade anything like bullets, pipes, powder, and more. The cost of slaves in the West African coast compared to the British Caribbean, showed in document 9, was double the cost. The price for slaves increased dramatically for the reason of sugar trade. Whether or not you were in the sugar cane business, you could buy or sell slaves who were in the industry and making a huge profit. Return on investment is when you buy something then a little while afterwards you sell it and make a profit from it. When you bought and slave to help start or work the sugar cane field in your area, once they were fully grown you could trade either your sugar or your slave in return of money. Hence the name return on investment. That plays a major role in the sugar trade for the main reason of making money by

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