The Color Of Crime Research Paper

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The Color of Crime Catherine M. Piraino English 122, English Composition II Instructor Mary Louise Phillips January 21, 2013 The Color of Crime The history of Black Americans has certainly been a challenging one. Brought to America in chains, slavery was their only option. It would not be until The Civil War that Blacks would attain the freedom they deserved. Although President Lincoln freed the slaves, oppression and predjuice against Blacks was widespread. It would be nearly 100 years before many of the injustices faced by the Black population surfaced into the public’s awareness. Yet little action was taken by the public, thereby requiring drastic action in the form of protests, marches, court cases, and many other methods to drive home the inequality suffered by the Black population. During this period, “lynching, chain-gang style penal practices and prosecutorial and judicial bigotry were common, particularly in the southern criminal justice system” (, September 2007, pg.2). In many ways the Constitution of the United States should have been described as a “White Constitution” since many of the rights under this document were not applicable to Blacks. “U.S Supreme Court cases and legislation inspired and led by the civil rights movement, “due process” and other reform movements have made discrimination on the base of race unconstitutional” (,…show more content…
However, in spite of significant legislation, there still exists an unequal balance between Whites and Blacks in the criminal justice system. While minorities are more inclined to commit crimes due their
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