The Collapse of Rome (P.E.S)

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Centuries after the Rise of Rome and their extraordinary historical achievements, was their collapse. This was caused by the combination of numerous political, economic and social factors or otherwise known as the P.E.S. These problems included corruptions in both the military and resource productions, and of course their continuous failed attempts of expanding their empire resulting in others and even their own society to turn and rebel against them. Political factors involve people and organizations with such power, these include powerful emperors, leaders and empires. Although if people with such power are unable to maintain control, their society usually collapses and resolves in chaos. As for Rome, emperors were often selected by violence or by birth, so the head of government was not always capable and eventually it came to the point where it was too large to govern effectively. This caused people to retreat to rural areas, Civil wars between political groups, there were corruption in the military, prices increased, trade decreased. The empire was quickly reducing allowing the Huns, Visigoths, Franks, Vandals, Saxons and other barbarian tribes to take control over the empire. Social factors involve people’s beliefs and the way they set up their behaviours. If this itself isn’t dealt with it can cause some major problems within the society. Rome was known for numerous of these social factors including the rich became lazy and showed very little interest in trying to solve Rome’s problems, literacy rates dropped dramatically very few people had the ability to read (most Greco-Roman learning was forgotten), the increased use of slaves put many romans out of work and as German- speaking people mixed with the roman population, Latin began to change and formed the languages we know today as French, Spanish and Italian. Latin was no longer a unifying force
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